Vileyka Regional Studies Museum

The museum was founded on July 30, 1982. The first exhibition was opened on May 7, 1985. Since 1993, there has been a new exhibition, based on a theme-collection show, which includes such themes as «Time», «Origins», «House», «School», «Misery», «Vileyka», reflecting the history and culture of the region from ancient times to the 20th century. In 1997, in a separate building,an exhibition hall named after N. Silivanovich, an academician of painting and mosaics, a native of Vileyka, was opened. In 2014, the museum exposition building was completely renovated and today has a modern, attractive appearance.

In the Year of National Unity and on the eve of National Unity Day (September 17), on September 1, a new temporary exhibition “Man's Fate. In The Fire of Time” was opened. The main concept of the exposition is to show the key moments of the Polish rule of 1921—1939, as well as heroic and tragic pages during the Great Patriotic War on the territory of the Vileyka region. Numerous destinies of people, and these are civilians, ghetto prisoners, prisoners of war of the Red Army and participants of the anti-Fascist resistance, who experienced all the horrors of atrocities committed by Nazi criminals and their accomplices, nationalist formations during the occupation.

A kind of continuation was the section “Genocide of the Belarusian people” opened in March 2022 with the support of the Vileysky District Executive Committee. The exposition uses materials of the investigation of atrocities committed by former employees of the Main Directorate of the SD department of Vileika: copies of photographs of SD employees, plans and layouts of the ghetto in Vileika, acts of the Vileika City State Emergency Commission to identify atrocities committed by Nazi invaders during the occupation of Vileika.

A special section of the exposition is the burned villages of the Vileyka region. During the years of Nazi occupation, 76 villages were burned on the territory of the Vileyka district, together with the inhabitants and not restored after the war, as well as with part of the population and restored after the war: a map of burned villages, photographs, memories. All the exhibits presented in the exposition are from the funds of the State Institution "Vileyka Museum of Local Lore".

The exhibition hall of the N.Y. Silivanovich Museum maintains the status of the cultural and exhibition center of the city. New exhibitions are opened here every month, interesting meetings and present.